Thursday, February 14, 2008

UnGrumpy Old Men

I took the express train home from Shibuya at about 10pm last night, meaning, it was packed to the hilt with business people coming home from work. I was standing in the aisle in the middle of the three rows of standing people, nealry half were asleep, as we sped by the local train stops. Two men in their seventies stood next to me pushing each other into sleeping businessmen and women, laughing hysterically. When the people turned around to look at them they'd shrug their shoulders and melodically offer "Sorry!" in English and feign holding in a laugh. I couldn't help but to catch their contagious goofy mood. I laughed and laughed at them. A man standing to my left from Nepal began talking to me and we both laughed at them. The old men put on more of a show since they now had two enthusiastic audience members (the only on the train that seemed to be amused).

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