Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Lauren, the leader of my writer's group just turned me on to this amazing website featuring short anecdotes from a specific area of Tokyo, New York or London. The maximum for each story is 500 words, so you can read them in a few minutes. The criteria is that the story must relate to a specific area in the writer's city. A graphic provided by the author or from participating illustrators accompanies each story and the exact location is added to their city map. Readers can click on a specific marker on the map and stories pertaining to that area come up.

The writing is top quality and features an array of writing styles and story subjects.

So far they only have sites for Tokyo, NYC and London, but responsible editors that are willing to advertise and find writers and illustrators can start websites in their own cities with the help of the web designers that started the original site.

Support art by visiting the site, contributing a story or starting the site in a different city.

Check it out: www.hitotaki.org (Tokyo); www.hitotaki.org/london; www.hitotaki.org/newyork

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