Monday, August 25, 2008

Goodbye Northern Ireland

I'm leaving from Belfast the day after tomorrow for Israel!

Although I'm obviously excited about seeing some of the oldest sites in the world, I will miss Ireland.

The day before yesterday Glyn and I went on a five hour trek across the Antrim Plateau. On either side of us were heather fields and hundreds of sheep grazing on farm plots. About two kilometers in the distance, the ocean, dark blue indicating its depth and frigidity, spread as if we stood in a landscape painting hanging on a hotel bedroom wall. It was gorgeous! I felt so clean and fresh from the exercise and being in a nonpolluted environment amongst the epitome of peacefulness: lamb and sheep Baaahhhing.

We sat at the edge overlooking the Irish Sea where Scotland spanned beyond that, to eat ham and cheese croissants with tomatoes and lettuce. Walking home, I ate wild blackberries growing on the bushes.

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