Friday, August 15, 2008

English Breakfast

The first time an English breakfast was laid before me in an Irish Pub in Tokyo, I was terrified. How could I possibly eat so much protein? What will happen to my large intestine after indulging in Heinz baked beans (a commodity in Japan), chips (aka french fries), fried eggs, toast, sausage, bacon and roasted tomatoes (for the prostate)?

It was amazing! Especially after too much beer the night before, it's what the stomach needs to make the devourer feel truly human in every sense of the hethonic word.

This morning I got some really bad news concerning my UK work permit. What did I do? I whipped out the baked beans, toast, bacon, and ran to the store for free-range eggs and cherry tomatoes and cooked an English breakfast in Northern Ireland--my first ever non-cheese comfort food.

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