Monday, November 10, 2008

Strength and Honour

My parents, old friend Julia and I saw Strength and Honour last night at Cinema Paradiso in Fort Lauderdale. I love that theater! It's an old church built in an old Spanish style architecture indicative of old Miami. Inside are blue velvet chairs and a giant Oscar award with a penis. I've never noticed if the statues given out at the Academy Awards have schlongs or not.

Strenght and Honour is an Irish boxing movie. Watching me punch each other around, killing each other doesn't usually get me off, but Strength and Honour was enjoyable regardless of the blood hurling and a couple dramatic killings and knock-outs that made Julia and I cringe.

The story is set in an Irish traveller community, which I'll be apart of tomorrow when I move into our family friends' pop-up camper to gain some privacy while still in the comfort of my parents' home. Moving back in with my family with no job after a break-up is the lowest point I would have imagined I'd ever get to. IT's here, however.

On the bright side, I'll save up money to go back to school, make new friends, catch up with family and old friends, and have my own place that I can laugh at in a year or two.

Just keep on punching!

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