Saturday, January 19, 2008

I'm Back!

So much for diligently writing a daily blog! I was on holiday from work for nearly a month in which I did almost nothing except cook, eat of course, and watch movies with Glyn and Trev.

Glyn made the best meal that I want to tell everyone in the cyber world about. Fireworks went off in my mouth!

He lightly fried the outside of two chicken breasts. Then made a sauce out of ume-shu (Japanese plum sake), cream, garlic and mushrooms and cooked the chicken in the sauce. The sugar in the ume-shu carmalized making the cream sauce thick and flavorful, coating the chicken in sweet delectable ecstasy. He accompanied the chicken with roasted potatoes and carrots with garlic and pepper. You have to try this dish!

And then this morning I made an axcellent, healthy breakfast with left-overs in the fridge: Potato, basil, tomato, garlic pancakes. It was easy: Flour, water, one egg, chooped garlic, chopped tomatoes, chopped potatoes that had already been cooked, and fresh basil. I made them like pancakes in a frying pan. Then poached an egg and placed it on top of each pancake. Ta-da!


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