Monday, December 10, 2007


Because I have been trying to save money I have been ridden to my house reading books and watching movies perpetually. Given that, yesterday (Sunday) spontaneously sparked into the most fun I've had in a while. I planned on going to Yoyogi Park (Tokyo's version of Central Park where the famous Harajuku girls stand in costumes) for a picnic before winter freezes over entirely. As I was leaving the house, my friend Yoko called me and offered me three tickets to see a football game (soccer) that day, Tunisia versus Mexico. I've been dying to see a professional game, so I jumped on the three free tickets she offered me.

I met Glyn and Phil in Shibuya where they were watching THE boxing match of the year with Floyd Mayweather. I watched the fight with them-- I was the only American in the entire bar I realized as I was the sole person clapping for Mayweather who was fighting a guy from Manchester, England. After, we went to the fairly uneventful football game, although perfecting the timing of the wave synchronizing flow with the audience was worthy of my concentration. We drank a bottle of champagne, then headed to an izakaya. An izakaya is a restaurant that serves very small plates like tapas that are shared with beer and sake.

Yoko, Phil, Trev, Glyn and I played a brainless drinking game that requires Bruce Lee noises. Laughing hysterically, we caught the attention of our neighboring table. They asked if they could join our game; unheard of for Japanese people. They joined us and we played games and laughed; they taught us cheers to degrade your friends in Japanese. The entire restaurant was staring at us. That's the serendipitous instance that made me fall in love with travelling.

Today, I'm back at work and going home soon to be a poor hermit again. :-)

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